1. Jim Brown

Jim Brown, widely regarded as the sport’s greatest player, got his start at Manhasset High School in New York, where he was named an All-Star for three consecutive years for his midfield play. Brown’s versatility as an athlete was on full display at Syracuse University, where he earned four varsity letters and was named the Orange’s 1956–57 Athlete of the Year.

After being named to the All-America Second Team as a junior in 1956, Brown was named to the All-America First Team as a senior after ranking second in the country in scoring that season. Many people consider the 1957 North/South All-Star Game to be Brown’s finest hour as a lacrosse player, as he scored five goals in the first half against the best players in the country.

After a prosperous career with the Cleveland Browns of the NFL, Brown was inducted into the Hall of Fame that year. It is said that Brown once said, “I’d rather play lacrosse six days a week and football on the seventh,” despite the fact that he is best known for his football career.

2. Gary Gait

One of the best lacrosse players of all time, Gary Gait is widely regarded as a legend in the sport. In three consecutive years, he was a part of national champion teams (1988, 1989, 1990). He and his sibling, Paul, entered the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 2005. Gait was chosen for the NCAA’s 25th Anniversary Lacrosse Team and Lacrosse Magazine’s All-20th Century Team.

Gait has set numerous records at both SU and the NCAA level, including those for most goals scored in a single NCAA Tournament game (9), most points scored in a single NCAA Tournament game (12), most goals scored in an entire NCAA Tournament (15), most points scored in an entire NCAA Tournament (23) and most career goals scored in an entire NCAA Tournament (50). (70). And when it comes to career NCAA Tournament points, he has set a new Syracuse University mark (67).

In addition to being tied for first on the all-time list (192), Gait also holds the record for most goals scored in a game (four) (9). He is tied for second on SU’s all-time list for points in a game with 12, sixth on the all-time list for a season with 87, and eighth on the all-time list for a career with 253.

3. Mikey Powell

Mikey Powell has amassed a staggering number of awards and honors in college lacrosse. As a result of his hard work and dedication, he is now considered one of the best lacrosse players in NCAA history. At Syracuse University, he earned all-American status four times. Also, he won the award for a best attackman in the NCAA lacrosse tournament four times and was named most valuable player twice. He was undoubtedly one of the best lacrosse players in Syracuse’s history. In the 2007 season, he played professionally for the Boston Cannons, where he led the team in scoring with 27 goals and added 21 assists to place fourth in the league.

Mikey Powell’s abilities as a lacrosse player for Syracuse University became apparent early in his collegiate career. By far, he was their most valuable player. Every season he played, he led the team in scoring. With 307 career points, he became Syracuse’s all-time scoring leader. He made history by being the only player in division one lacrosse history to win the Jack Turnball award four times in a row. For his efforts, he was awarded the Tewarraton Trophy twice; this prize was considered to be the collegiate version of the Heisman Trophy. He also won two national titles while coaching Syracuse.

4. John Grant. Jr

John Grant, Jr. is without a doubt one of the best indoor and outdoor lacrosse players in history. There are those who hold the opinion that he is the best, but we won’t get into an argument about whether or not that is true. Nonetheless, we will discuss the staggering statistics Grant compiled during his Hall of Fame career.

And here’s the abbreviated version: When considering points per game, John Grant, Jr. has two seasons that rank in the top six in NLL history. Both of those years took place after he turned 30. Five years separated them, his teams played in different leagues, and he was hospitalized for an entire season in between.

Grant, then 25, scored 77 points in 12 games as a rookie for the Knighthawks after being drafted first overall in 1999. He was the league’s top rookie and the scoring leader for the Knighthawks. Over the course of the next nine years, he was the team’s leading scorer every year except 2004 (when he played in just five games) and 2009 (when he didn’t play at all) (more on that later).

In those 10 years, he never finished lower than third in the league in scoring and was named MVP once, in 2007.

5. Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil has left his mark on lacrosse not only as a player but also as a manager and businessman. Rabil had great success in the MLL, where he was named league MVP twice, champion twice, and Steinfeld Cup MVP in 2015. Paul, however, was one of the few who could support himself solely through poker. Paul Rabil and his brother Mike Rabil founded the Premier Lacrosse League to advocate for improved player compensation, including increased salary, stock options, and other perks. Paul and Mike hoped that more people would be able to make a living playing video games if given the chance to do so. On June 1, 2019, the PLL kicked off its inaugural season, and Paul was named to the league’s inaugural All Star Game.