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R1 Smart Lacrosse Ball

The Rise of Smart Sports Equipment: Is Disruption On Horizon?

Discover the current state of the smart sports market and get ready for the release of the game-changing R1 Smart Lacrosse Ball by Get REPS. With a highly durable core and innovative features, it's set to disrupt the market and attract athletes of all levels.
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How Smart Lacrosse Balls will change the game and who is leading the pack

How Smart Lacrosse Balls are Revolutionizing the Game: A Look at the Technology and Companies Leading the Way The game of lacrosse has been around for centuries, but the technology behind the sport has been rapidly evolving in recent years. Smart lacrosse balls are revolutionizing the game, providing players with unprecedented levels of data and feedback. This technology is being developed by a number of companies, each with their own unique approach to the game. Smart lacrosse balls are equipped with sensors that measure a variety of metrics, such as...
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