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Lacrosse is North America’s oldest organized sport, according to a cursory look at sports history. As early European settlers arrived in North America in the 1200s, they began modifying a stickball game that had been passed down from generation to generation for generations. This is how “La Crosse” (The Stick) came to be, and it’s now just one word. With established rules in 1867, chess became a real sport in the Northeastern United States’ most prominent prep schools and colleges.

A new king has been born: Lacrosse.


Sport Lacrosse My Choice

Over the years, both the number of schools & players and the geographic spread of lacrosse have exploded, making it the fastest-growing sport in American high schools and universities today. Around 775,000 people participated in lacrosse last year, according to US Lacrosse. At boarding schools in the United States, boys’ participation in the sports increased by 15 percent in 2012-13, making it as popular as basketball and football. Participation at the college increased by 28% between 2009 and 2014. In the last three-decade, Major League Lacrosse & National League Lacrosse, two professional leagues with more than 20 teams each, have sprung up to cater to the growing popularity of the sport.

Reasons why young people are so enamored with lacrosse


In no particular order, these are some of the reasons why lacrosse has become so popular among young people:

This is a game that most teenagers can master. Regardless of one’s height or weight, one does not need to be a physically imposing player to compete.
Playing and watching lacrosse are both enjoyable experiences. According to the North Shore Minor Lacrosse website,

Intense action, strategy, finesse, and power are hallmarks of lacrosse. In a sport where long, looping passes & short, bullet-like shots are the norm, the ability to catch a pass over one’s shoulders when running at full speed, or to reach the top corner of a net while being in full flight, takes a variety of talents unparalleled in any other sporting event. A terrific sport to watch because of its… dynamic nature.”

Lacrosse players are become household names because of their television appearances. Many young people & their parents now have access to what many perceive to be the quickest game on two feet, because of the proliferation of college and pro team games on television.

Parents and kids love the fact that lacrosse is safe than the majority of other contact sports. Canadian Hospital Injury Reporting & Prevention Program (CHIRP) predicts lacrosse players have roughly two-thirds of soccer players; the one-half number of hockey players, as well as about one-tenth number of rugby and football players’ injures.
As a varsity sport in high school or college or even in after-school, summer, & club contests, the game is widely available.

There has been a dramatic expansion of lacrosse’s geographic reach in recent years.

The game’s popularity has exploded outside of its typical northeastern U.S. home in recent years. For four years now, cadets at the Navy and Army Academy in Carlsbad, California, an all-boys prep boarding school located on the Pacific Ocean frontage campus, have requested that lacrosse be added to the Academy’s long list of sports which also include cross country and football.

Is playing lacrosse good for you?


Young individuals who participate in lacrosse, like most sports and physical activities, learn the value of hard work and perseverance. According to a University of Missouri HealthCare study on the “Benefits of Sports for Adolescents,” “Team sports teach teenagers accountability, dedication,” “leadership,” “and other abilities,” which are beneficial to their mental and physical well-being. In the words of the report’s authors, “sports and physical exercise play a significant part in a young person’s life” because of the following five factors. :

Athletes tend to do well in school. It takes time and effort to participate in a sport.
While some might expect this to be a source of distraction for student-athletes, the reverse is true. Sporting activities necessitate rote memorization and practice, all of which are essential academic skills. A student’s ability to create and achieve goals while participating in a sport can be applied in the classroom.

In sports, collaboration and problem-solving are honed via practice. Learning to work together as a team and communicate clearly to achieve a common objective is an important part of gaming. If you ever run across issues at work or home, you’ll be glad you had this experience.

Sports have a positive impact on one’s health. If you want to achieve your fitness objectives and maintain a healthy weight, it is clear that sports can help you do so. Healthy choices such as not drinking or smoking are also emphasized. The risk of developing osteoporosis as well as breast cancer in later life can be reduced by participating in sports.

Self-esteem is boosted by participating in sports. Self-confidence grows as you achieve your goals. It’s fulfilling and exhilarating to master a sport or fitness objective, which inspires one to take on new challenges.

Sports are a great way to relieve tension and anxiety. Exercising is indeed a typical way to de-stress and relax. It is possible to meet new people who can serve as a sounding board in times of need. A teammate can be called, or he or she can head to a gym to speak and play it out, whenever one feels under pressure or worried.

Lacrosse as well as other sports also teach young people how to succeed in a variety of ways.

The International Long Term study in Adolescent Health in the United States also identified a link between physical activity & mental health, especially emotional well-being, self-confidence, as well as expectations for the future. [source: NLSAH]. The study also found that students who participate in athletics are less likely to drop out of school because they are more satisfied with their educational experience. According to the blog, research conducted some years ago indicated that collegiate lacrosse players have one of the highest graduation rates of any sport. More than 94% of women lacrosse players questioned have completed college.



A study by the National Federations of States High Schools Association a few years ago indicated that students were in agreement if they’d had other options at school, they would spend less time sedentary behaviors like watching television or playing video games. Students who participate in high school sports, including lacrosse players, are much less likely to engage in hazardous or risky conduct, according to additional NFHS research. More than half of high school students who didn’t participate in any extracurricular activities were nearly twice as likely to use drugs and have pregnancies as those who did participate.


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