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The Point Of Playing Lacrosse

Introduction: For the first time in its history, Lacrosse represents an aspect of Aboriginal cultures that have been fully acknowledged & embraced by Canadian society.” This essay’s main goal is to describe how lacrosse was adopted from First Nations culture into the modern world. What’s the point of playing lacrosse? Parents and athletes alike are […]


Lacrosse Rules For Women

Introduction:     Depending on the style of the game, lacrosse has several different versions and rules. Here are some of the fundamental regulations of women’s lacrosse to help you obtain a better understanding of the sport. The fundamentals of lacrosse for women. To play the game of women’s lacrosse one must have a goalkeeper […]


Women’s Lacrosse

Introduction: Women’s lacrosse, also known as wlax / lax, is a variant of the game that uses less contact. Intercross is a non-contact edition of lacrosse. Women’s lacrosse was started playing in Scotland in 1890 when the St. Leonard’s Academy introduced the sport to its students. Men’s field lacrosse is very different from women’s lacrosse […]


History Of Lacrosse

Introduction: Lacrosse has its roots in Native American religious customs, which saw it as a way to end wars, heal the sick, and improve the physical and mental toughness of the male population. For large sporting events like lacrosse, it is estimated that up to 1,000 players could compete at once. Lacrosse History:   Native […]


How To Play Lacrosse Sport

Introduction: Lacrosse is a high-energy sport in which the goal is to bring the ball into the other team’s goal quite so many times as necessary while preventing the other team from scoring. Lacrosse Rules Lacrosse is a sport where a shot is passed from one player to the next using a stick that has […]


Lacrosse Game

Introduction:   Lacrosse is indeed a team effort in which a ball is thrown & controlled by a stick having a mesh cover (or pocket) around one end. If you’ve never seen lacrosse in action, it is generally easiest to relate it. A Lacrosse Match:   In lacrosse, there are two teams. Goals are scored […]

Joe Pompo’s New Era In Sports Technology

Introduction: Joe Pompo chooses to believe the Lacrosse Industry and the rest of the sports industry should be disrupted. One of the most exciting developments in sports technology is REPS Sports Technology. New goods and services from REPS Lacrosse, created by Joseph Pompo and Luke Cometti, are designed to better the sport of lacrosse. To […]