Canadians developed and refined the game of lacrosse, often believed to be the first organised sport in the United States. Lacrosse has been popular in the United States as well as the British Commonwealth for more than a century.

Lacrosse is a hybrid between basketball, soccer, and ice hockey, and it’s gaining in popularity. Lacrosse may be played by anyone, regardless of size. Instead of brute strength, the game encourages and necessitates a high level of coordination and agility. Speed and agility are two of the most sought-after attributes in lacrosse.

Fast-paced & full of action, lacrosse is a thrilling sport. Lacrosse is a fast-paced sport, with players sprinting up & down the field, making sudden stops, and executing precise passes and dodges on a regular basis. In order to play lacrosse, a player must learn how to use a stick called a crosse.

In the United States, lacrosse is one of most rapidly expanding team sports. Since 2001, the number of young people taking part in this sport has increased by more than 138%, reaching approximately 300,000. High school sports have experienced the fastest growth in the last ten years, with an estimated 228,000 athletes. With 557 college players in 2009, lacrosse was the fastest-growing NCAA sport over the previous six years, and that’s just the tip of a iceberg. It is estimated that there are more than 500 college clubs, including almost 200 women’s teams that participate.