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Film Study: How does Chrome Unlock Sam Handley?


At the pro level some lessons are learned the hard way. Handley is just four weeks in and it seems like things are starting to click. During a sideline interview with Dana Boyle, Handley acknowledged one of the differences between the college and pro game:

“They don’t like to slide that much, I was used to getting 10 slides in college so this is a little bit different”

Handley’s been effective in getting shots off, especially when teams don’t slide. Once he starts dominating the matchups and scoring more consistently, defenses will be forced to slide which will open up his passing ability and unlock the rest of the Chrome offense.

At the end of the day, he needs to be a little more selfish. As a rookie I’m sure he’s trying to find his place on the team, but the Chrome need a big body initiator, a party starter, and to be that he needs to demand the ball, demand a pick, and be confident that he’s the same guy that he showed the world he was in college. 

Get him a shorty and some space and let him cook, the rest will take care of itself.

Tune in and cheer on the Chrome LC as they take the field Saturday at 6pm on ESPN+ from Connecticut.

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