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Film Study: Inside the Archers’ “Jackie” Set


What’s important here is how the Archers have identified the value of using Moore and Schreiber together. The rebound to Schreiber was obviously lucky, but their respective dodging and passing prowess forces defenses to pick their poison. With Schreiber particularly, “Jackie” puts the club in a position to exploit his renowned feeding proficiency. The Princeton alum is currently second in the league in total assists with eight, second in assist opportunities with 22, first in total passes, and second in both total second assists and second assist opportunities. 

“We’re always trying to take advantage of his ability to find somebody,” Bates says, also noting how “it forces decision making out of the defense if he’s the pick guy or the mirror guy.”

“Jackie” first allows Schreiber to thrive in the two-man game with his intellect as a dodger and a picker. From there, if he carries the ball left or right, he can pick apart how the defense plays either of the mumbo actions. 

Below, Schreiber starts with the ball as Moore comes to pick for him on his right. Schreiber splits right seemingly to carry in that direction, but he notices that Leclaire — who was the player popping from the crease on the righty wing — had caught his defender lacking. Schreiber fires an immediate pass that way and, per usual, the ball hits the back of the net when Leclaire shoots. 

This is where the “Jackie” set folds in the strengths of the guys down low. Leclaire has an absolute howitzer of a shot and only needs a sliver of space to get it off. Ament’s cut to the crease and Schreiber’s split to his right drew attention off Leclaire and, with Schreiber’s ability to pin-point a pass to a teammate’s stick from anywhere on the field, the 13-yard step down was a piece of cake.

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