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How Brian Minicus’s Speed Gives Chaos a New Gear


When Brian Minicus’ name was called by Andy Towers with the 15th overall selection, it wasn’t a pick  that many suspected given his two-handed play style.

Chaos’s offensive identity is centered around crafty one-handed players who thrive in tight spaces with their sticks towards the inside. Since their 2021 Championship, Chaos has had a consistent formula: dress four righties and lefties each game, tossing out three each possession. 

But after falling short in the 2022 title game and being held to under 10 goals in 2-of-3 playoffs games, change was necessary. Chaos shot 24.8% unassisted as a team in ‘22; they needed someone who can run by their defender to create their own shot and, in turn, draw slides.

Diversifying the offense became a priority. 

“I spoke with Coach Panetta at the draft to bring in a two-handed dodger above and behind the cage,” said Coach Towers. Adding a player like Minicus who thrives as a two-handed dodger was how they were going to address it.” 

Minicus thrives using his speed when dodging and is a lethal two-handed threat who can create opportunities. When you throw him into their offense, which is riddled with off-ball finishers who will find space on the inside, Minicus can draw slides and open up space for them to cut. 

Whether he dodges from above or behind the cage, teams have to be prepared to slide and rotate, which also opens up backside secondary dodges. His dodging ability opens up more opportunities for himself and teammates.

No longer do they have to rely on the two man game to initiate all of their offense, it gives another look with an X dodging threat and forces teams to change the approach of how they defend them. 

Just because they’ve added Minicus, doesn’t mean everything they’ve done in the past is done with, there’s just a new wrinkle.

“Certainly we’re going to continue to utilize schemes that we built our roster for offensively. But we were conscious about trying to add some dangerous dodgers that can beat you to either side,” said Towers. 

What makes him special: speed

Minicus stands out because of his ability as a two-handed initiator. What allows him to express that so effectively is his athleticism and speed.  

“His athleticism is undeniable,” said Towers. 

His speed is on full display when he attacks his matchups along with his lateral quickness.

“His ability to beat guys early in the dodge is something that makes us dynamic at the end of possessions,” said Towers.

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