A PLL Wishlist


A PLL Wishlist

Week four of the PLL is fast approaching and we can’t wait to have professional lacrosse back on tv. That being said we’ve had a nice break to think about what we wish would happen in the PLL moving forward.

A PLL Wishlist

  • Keep trying new locations for the touring model. The vast majority of fans will always be watching on TV so lets make sure that we keep trying new locations where attendance will be high and we can continue to expose new areas to pro lacrosse. We want to see areas like Portland, Detroit, Phoenix, Kansas City, and Tampa.
  • A 9th team. With the hybrid touring model next season, the home team would be required to play two games in one weekend. So the league has the option to give one team a week a bye, or our preferred option, add a 9th team so that there are 5 games per weekend.
  • Walk back the 32 second rule for shot clocks off of the face off. We love the speed of the game, we also love seeing the best offensive players in the world playing offense. Lets sub and deliver high quality offense.
  • Watching the World Championships makes us dream about more Haudenosaunee players back in the field game. Austin Staats was resurgent and appears healthy, it was refreshing to see Zach Miller, we miss these guys.
  • Dress one more player on game day, leaving just one reserve. The rosters are tight, thin, and the pace of play extremely fast. We often see one or two players get banged up and the entire game changes. Having just one more available player provides more flexibility and possibly more consistency in the game. We’d love to see how coaches would approach one extra game day spot, finally dressing 2 FOS’s, a sixth pole, or the obvious choice another 2-way mid.

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