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Why is Colin Squires Not Allowed to Shoot?


From that day forward, the joke has become a team favorite.

Defenseman Bryce Young, who also scored a goal against the Redwoods, says the team jokes about it because of Squires’ personality.

“He is always a breath of fresh air to be around, he is an awesome guy to be around and just a great locker room guy,” Young said. “So when a joke like that goes public, Coach Stags and the rest of the team will make that joke because we know he can take it, and it’s easy for us to joke with Squires because I think he knows that he’s not much of an offensive threat.” 

It’s true that Squires isn’t exactly an offensive threat. He only took four shots during his college career at the University of Denver, and the last goal he scored in a game dates back to his high school days attending West Linn HS in Oregon.

Yet, warming up before the Redwoods game two weeks ago, Squires felt it was going to be his day.

“What’s funny is before the game, I kind of turned to Brad [Smith] and I said ‘I feel like I’m scoring this game and I feel like Will Manny’s going to assist me’ for whatever reason.”

As chance would have it, with about a minute left in the first quarter, Will Manny found a trailing Squires, who set his feet and ripped a sidearm shot that found the back of the net.

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