Lacrosse Game Rules

Will Bowen: The Quarterback of Chaos LC’s Defense


“He just sees the game at such a high level,” said Chaos LC defender Jack Rowlett. “We’ll be so fixated on what’s going on on the ball side of the field. All of a sudden, Bowen’s like, ‘Okay, how about on the off side we just freeze? We don’t chase our men and we just hold our spots a bit more. It’s going to be easier than changing up who the go guy is.’”

Rowlett – who played with Bowen at UNC, and then coached him at Georgetown – says the rookie has already earned the trust of the defense. When he speaks in huddles, the veterans listen. In a way, he’s playing more relaxed than Rowlett has ever seen him. Since Bowen’s freshman year in Chapel Hill, he’s been asked to cover the top attackman. Now, he can exhale. He can roam. And when he sees the nameplate on a dodger’s jersey, he can pounce.

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