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Offensive Concerns Arise for Chrome After Loss to Archers


The Chrome LC headed into week 2 on a high note. Having won their opening game against the Whipsnakes LC 12-11 the team and fans were flying high but how would the team fare against an Archers team rife with offensive talent? 

The Archers came into the game with a solid game plan, take away anything that worked for Chrome in week one. Last week the Chrome were able to push transition leading to offensive opportunities, this week Archers LC Head Coach Chris Bates had an answer for that. Coach Bates knew that limiting transition by riding hard and cutting off the clean breaks would take away a potent part of the Chrome offense. Additionally, with the Archers playing aggressive defense and pressing outside the arc, Chrome Coach Tim Soudan admitted that the Chrome offense was uncomfortable and players rushed their shots early in the shot clock.

It’s early in the season and this isn’t meant to be a knee jerk reaction. Teams can always improve and given what we’ve seen through two weeks these are three ways that the Chrome LC can get better. The good news, there’s nothing wrong that can’t be fixed and I have no doubt Coach Soudan has a plan.

One Dimensional Offense

Through two weeks the offense has relied heavily on one player to carry the offense. During week one we saw Justin Anderson score four goals and in week two Jackson Morrill scored five goals. Neither game saw a second scorer reach the three goal mark and that’s fine when everyone is chipping in, but thus far the offensive production has been lopsided.

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