Building a PLL Expansion Team


Building a PLL Expansion Team

By any chance have you ever heard somebody claim that the PLL does not have enough teams to accommodate the amount of talent in the lacrosse world? If so you can be entitled to financial compensation. Only kidding, don’t reach out looking for money, instead see below the prestigious article of PLL’s ninth expansion team, Free Agents LC. A few players on this list may be picked up by the time the article releases, please do not show up outside of my house with pitchforks and torches if this is the case.

Out of curiosity, what would you name your PLL expansion team?


Tehoka Nanticoke, Randy Staats, Andrew Kew, and Mark Cockerton

For Nanticoke and Staats, they have not had their fair chance at making a push for a roster spot in the PLL. Neither have been active for a game despite having decorated college careers and being world class indoor players. Staats can do a little bit of everything and Tehoka has some of the silkiest mitts in the world, they’re both highlight reel players who bring juice to any offense. Staats would be the quarterback of this offense, 4 years ago he had a 50 point season on 17 goals and 33 assists. Kew is a head scratcher on how he is still unclaimed, the big lefty has proven he can be productive in this league totaling 13 points in 2021 with the Cannons. I remember watching him net 4 goals in one of the Cannons first games in the PLL, two years later he hasn’t cracked a roster since. Cockerton brings a veteran presence to this PLL expansion team, as he is someone who has produced in the professional game for a longtime.

Offensive Midfield

Bryan Cole, Tanner Cook, Jack Jasinski, Sergio Salcido, Christian Mazzone, and Ryan McNamara

Bryan Cole is as solid as it comes from the midfield position. Makes good decisions, fits in any
offense, and produces when given the opportunity. He had 13 points last year with the
Whipsnakes and back in 2019 on the Atlanta Blaze produced 53 points on 39 goals and 14
assists. Tanner Cook is still young and has had big moments in this league, he was a vital part
of the Chaos’s championship run in 2021. Jasinki just played a very solid game Week 1 before
being released to make room for the Bandits guys returning. Salcido, Mazzone, and McNamara
all have PLL experience and have fallen out of lineups in the past years. Mazzone can play
both ways making him extremely valuable. Salcido still has elite speed and a howitzer of a shot
to score at this level. McNamara always looked solid to me whenever he was in the Archers
lineup, dangerous shot, makes good decisions, and an amazing dodger as well.

Defensive Midfield

Brent Adams, Matt Abbott, Evan Zinn, TJ Comizio, and Tyson Bell

Brent Adams and Matt Abbott are both legends of the game. While falling out of lineups and into the player pool the past few years, I believe they both have some gas left in the tank, Abbott is still the human clearing machine while Adams is dangerous in transition. Zinn struggled a bit in his first game with the Chaos before being released, however they had him playing offensive middie which he hasn’t done in nearly 4 years. His game is best suited at SSDM and pushing transition.TJ Comizio brings more experience and has proven he can hang with anybody in this league. I love everything about Tyson Bell’s game, he’s physical, plays with swagger, pushes transition, and can pick up a pole if need be.


Alex Woodall and Thomas Kelly

At one point Woodall was considered one of the best faceoff specialists in the world. He has the ideal build and skills to succeed in the PLL. He went 46% last year with the Cannons, which may not be eye popping but it shows he can compete with the best. Kelly has years of experience in the pros and has won titles as well, he serves as a more than capable depth option for Free Agents LC.

Long Stick Midfielders

Andrew Newbold, Kyle Pless, and Ryan McNulty

Andrew Newbold and Kyle Pless was Atlas’s LSM duo back in the 2021 season, they reunite to form a solid duo with experience on Free Agents LC. Both are solid players who have proved they belong in this league. McNulty is still young and hasn’t cracked a PLL gameday roster but I love the idea of him as a prospect. He was an all American at Loyola who totaled 28 points, 238 groundballs, and 84 CTO’s throughout his college career, his game is tailor made for the PLL.


Cade Van Raaphorst, Holden Garlent, Grant Ammann, GIbson Smith IV

Brett Kennedy was picked up by the Whipsnakes as I wrote this article, by the time it’s released Cade should be gone as well. To be honest I get the Atlas drafted defenseman with premium picks, but CVR being the casualty makes no sense to me. He was an all star in 2021 and is coming off another solid season in 2022. He can defend on-ball, support off-ball, push transition, and score two pointers. There’s nothing not to like about his game and I truly believe he may have been the best defenseman on the Atlas roster. Garlent brings more experience to the team with 19 PLL starts the past two seasons, he is a solid defenseman who proved he is a starting caliber defenseman. Grant Ammann was drafted but never cracked the roster, he’s 6′ ft 3’3″ 200 pounds with an ideal build for a PLL defenseman. His senior year at highpoint he had 55 groundballs and 38 caused turnovers. Gibson Smith hasn’t cracked a lineup yet either, but I loved what he did at Georgetown and in the PLL Championship series using a short stick. He could be a supporting piece on any defense.


Nick Marrocco and JD Colarusso

The biggest head scratched on my whole list isn’t CVR, it’s Nick Marrocco. I mean really how this dude is still available is beyond me. On struggling Cannons teams the past two seasons he logged a 50% save percentage along with 56% in 2021, keeping the Cannons in all their contests, making clutch saves to seal wins as well.. He is a former all-star. Point in case there isn’t 16 goalies in this better than him, let alone 8. He is a starter in this league and Free Agents LC is thrilled to have him. Colarusso has already proved hes a top tier back-up at least. Stepping in for an injured Jack Concannon in 2021, he led the Atlas to the playoffs posting a 49% save percentage. Both are solid goalies who belong in this league.

What do we think, who did I miss? How many games would this PLL expansion team win? Could they not finish dead last and possibly make the playoffs?

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