Is the New PLL Shot Clock Good for the Game?


Is the New PLL Shot Clock Good for the Game?

The opening weekend of the 2023 PLL season did not disappoint and has fans excited for the summer. The weekend was loaded with highlight reel goals, great defense, and down-to-the-wire finishes. However, the most impactful addition of the weekend was the new shot clock. A fresh 32-second shot starts after possession has been established following a faceoff. When the offense maintains possession for a shot clock reset following a shot on goal, the 32-second clock also starts to run (but only if it was 32 seconds or less at the time of the shot).

After seeing this new way of play on display this weekend, I can say the new PLL shot clock is an excellent addition to the sport and truly helps embody what the league is looking to accomplish. 

Since the league’s inception, Paul Rabil has been doing everything possible to make the sport as exciting as possible and ensure the game’s speed was on display. From shortening the field length, adding the two-point arc, and the initial 52-second shot clock, it was clear from the inaugural season the game was meant to be fast and exciting. This year’s change to a 32-second shot clock reset adds not only an urgency for speed but forces more out of the athletes in terms of creativity and athleticism. 

With an additional 20 seconds, teams had more time to sit back, set up the motion or ideal dodge, and wait for the perfect look. Instead, teams now must consistently move at a higher tempo, be more creative with shot releases, and be ready to play both ways now more than ever. These changes are going to favor the more athletic, run-and-gun style teams who like to get up and down and play fast.  

Many creative shot releases were on display throughout the weekend, mainly due to the shorter shot clock and the need to get the ball out before the violation occurs. Even the goalies seem to be beneficiaries as well, getting more looks at the ball, allowing them to start hotter and faster in the net during the game.  

It should be interesting to see which teams and players thrive in the newest PLL shot clock era and how it will affect the games throughout the season. It is going to take some time for all the teams to adapt to the new pace of play, but these guys are professionals and will certainly make it happen. In terms of creating an even faster-paced and more exciting game, the new shot clock rule has absolutely achieved its goal and has added an exciting dynamic to the games. 

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