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Ranking Ryder Garnsey’s Six Goals in the Season Opener


This time he lost control, got possession back, maneuvered through a barrage of sticks with his back on the ground, found his footing, and buried it. 

“Honestly, not a lot going through my head; get out of here with the ball,” Garnsey said about the goal.

“When I’m rolling around, I’m just sort of hoping that guys will leave me alone; got pretty lucky no one landed a hard enough check on my stick… Sometimes when you’re out there worming around in the field, you just catch some breaks.” 

Well, this break was good enough to set the bar for “Goal Of The Year” in week 1. 

Garnsey was unquestionably “Him” on Saturday, and the Redwoods moved to 1-0. Now they have a chance at a 2-0 start against the defending champs, Waterdogs LC, in Charlotte.

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