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Notre Dame Takes Down Virginia: D1 Men’s Lacrosse Semifinal Recap


The lacrosse world was treated to a captivating showdown as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish collided with the Virginia Cavaliers in a high-stakes battle for a spot in the NCAA D1 Men’s Lacrosse National Championship. In a contest filled with suspense and exhilarating moments, it was Notre Dame who prevailed in a nail-biting overtime victory, earning their well-deserved ticket to the prestigious title game. Let’s dive into the remarkable events that unfolded in each quarter, leading up to the breathtaking climax that left fans yearning for more.

First Quarter (Notre Dame 4 – Virginia 3)

The opening faceoff favored Notre Dame, who wasted no time making their presence felt on the scoreboard. Eric Dobson swiftly found the back of the net within the first minute, giving the Fighting Irish an early advantage. Building on their momentum, Jack Simmons extended Notre Dame’s lead to two goals, showcasing their offensive prowess. The Fighting Irish defense held strong, making timely stops and benefiting from exceptional goalie play. Virginia struggled to convert their opportunities but finally found their footing with two quick goals from Patrick Mcintosh and Grayson Sallade. Virginia gained momentum as the first quarter progressed and capped off the period with a goal from Connor Shellenberger, setting the stage for an intense battle ahead.

Second Quarter (Notre Dame 6 – Virginia 6)

Virginia seized control at the start of the second quarter, with Connor Shellenberger and Payton Cormier connecting on impressive goals, propelling the Cavaliers ahead. Not to be outdone, Notre Dame’s Ben Ramsey responded with an unassisted goal, tying the game at 5-5. The second quarter showcased exceptional goaltending, as both teams struggled to find the back of the net amidst remarkable saves. Patrick Mcintosh and Eric Dobson added goals for their respective teams, resulting in a deadlock at halftime. The evenly matched contest left fans eagerly anticipating the adjustments and strategies the coaches would employ in the second half.

Third Quarter (Notre Dame 8 – Virginia 9)

The third quarter commenced with a goal from Eric Dobson, leveling the playing field for Notre Dame. However, Virginia’s Xander Dickson swiftly replied, regaining the lead for the Cavaliers. Connor Shellenberger continued his impressive performance, contributing another goal to Virginia’s tally. Notre Dame’s Pat Kavanagh and Virginia’s Peter Garno exchanged goals, keeping the score close heading into the final quarter. Both teams showcased relentless determination, leaving everything on the field as they fought tooth and nail for the coveted victory.

Fourth Quarter (Notre Dame 12 – Virginia 12)

With the game hanging in the balance, the fourth quarter intensified the already electrifying atmosphere. Virginia’s Griffin Schutz and Notre Dame’s Pat Kavanagh traded goals, ensuring a tight contest until the very end. Virginia capitalized on crucial opportunities, as Petey Lasalla found the back of the net, maintaining their slim advantage. Notre Dame, however, refused to back down, clawing their way back to level terms with a goal from Chris Kavanagh. The closing moments saw an edge-of-your-seat finish, with Virginia reclaiming the lead courtesy of Thomas McConvey’s goal. Notre Dame, displaying incredible resilience, equalized with just 13 seconds left, as Jake Taylor showcased remarkable skill with a twister finish. The game would require overtime to determine a winner.

Overtime (Notre Dame 13 – Virginia 12)

Notre Dame seized the opportunity as they won the opening faceoff in overtime. Brian Tevlin wasted no time, scoring early in the extra period, securing a 13-12 victory for the Fighting Irish. With this memorable win, Notre Dame secured their place in the national championship, leaving both teams and fans awestruck by the sheer intensity. Notre Dame will take on Duke in a rematch of the 2014 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse National Championship.

Key Players 

Notre Dame
Eric Dobson- 4G, 1A
Brian Tevlin – 1G, 1A
Marco Napolitano- 2 CT
Pat Kavanagh- 2G, 1A

Connor Shellenberger- 3G, 3A
Patrick Mcintosh- 2G, 1A
Grayson Sallade- 1G, 2CT
Thomas Mcconvey- 1G, 2A

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