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Lenoir-Rhyne Finishes the Job: D2 Men’s Lacrosse Championship Recap


In a thrilling showdown for the Division 2 Men’s Lacrosse National Championship, Lenoir-Rhyne University left no doubt about their dominance as they steamrolled Mercyhurst University with a resounding 20-5 victory. From the opening faceoff to the final whistle, Lenoir-Rhyne showcased their prowess on both ends of the field, leaving their opponents struggling to find answers. Let’s delve into the four quarters of this exhilarating championship clash.

First Quarter (Lenoir-Rhyne 6 – Merychurst 0)

From the moment Mercyhurst won the opening faceoff, Lenoir-Rhyne’s suffocating defense set the tone for the game. However, it was their offensive prowess that stole the show early on. Evan Voss, Jarrett Huff, and Bryce Reece struck with precision and finesse, building an early 3-0 lead. Mercyhurst struggled to establish a rhythm, continually thwarted by Lenoir-Rhyne’s tenacious defense. Riley Seay and Evan Voss added to the onslaught, culminating in an impressive six-goal first quarter for Lenoir-Rhyne.

Second Quarter (Lenoir-Rhyne 14 – Merychurst 1)

The second quarter began with Mercyhurst desperately seeking a breakthrough, and they found it through Quinn Simonson’s goal. However, Lenoir-Rhyne remained relentless, responding with five unanswered goals, including strikes from Nate Ashley, Toron Eccleston, and Evan Voss. Colten McCracken’s defensive heroics epitomized Lenoir-Rhyne’s dominance, leaving Mercyhurst grasping for answers. Victor Powell, Riley Seay, and Kyle Hatcher joined the scoring parade, leaving Mercyhurst reeling and trailing by a staggering thirteen goals at halftime.

Third Quarter (Lenoir-Rhyne 18 – Merychurst 5)

Mercyhurst began the third quarter with renewed energy, determined to mount a comeback. Nicholas Mabe kick-started their offense, but Lenoir-Rhyne quickly responded through Jarrett Huff. Mercyhurst managed to find the net on a few more occasions, with goals from Colin Tardif, Ethan Landymore, and Luke Ingianni. Nonetheless, Lenoir-Rhyne’s Evan Voss and Toron Eccleston showcased their scoring prowess, leaving little doubt about the eventual outcome of the game. Riley Seay’s goal further extended Lenoir-Rhyne’s lead, firmly maintaining their commanding position.

Fourth Quarter (Lenoir-Rhyne 20 – Merychurst 5)

As the final quarter unfolded, Lenoir-Rhyne showcased their championship pedigree with two more goals from Jarrett Huff and Will Canata. Their offensive firepower and resolute defense ensured a comprehensive victory over Mercyhurst. With a final scoreline of 20-5, Lenoir-Rhyne cemented their place as the Division 2 Men’s Lacrosse National Champions.

Lenoir-Rhyne University’s dominant performance in the Division 2 Men’s Lacrosse National Championship will be etched in the annals of lacrosse history. From their impeccable defensive play to their relentless offensive onslaught, they left no doubt about their superiority on the field. Mercyhurst University fought valiantly but was simply overmatched by Lenoir-Rhyne’s cohesive and unstoppable unit. This victory serves as a testament to Lenoir-Rhyne’s commitment, skill, and determination, as they emerge as deserving champions in the realm of Division 2 men’s lacrosse.

Key Players 


Evan Voss- 4G, 1A

Riley Seay- 4G

Toron Eccleston- 3G

Rob Pensabene- 73% SV


Quinn Simonson- 1G

Nicholas Mabe-1G, 1A

Colin Tardif- 1G

Ethan Landymore-1G

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