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The Positional Battles to Watch for Archers LC in Training Camp


Sisselberger looks to be the favorite to win the starting job at this point in time. The commitment the club made by taking him fifth overall and the raw talent he has put him a step above the other two heading into camp. Anything can happen between the lines, but that’s where things stand at the moment. Inacio is also coming off a serious knee injury suffered last fall so his current condition is uncertain. Should he be up to speed for camp, the Ohio State product similarly appears to be slotted for the second face-off specialist spot on the 25-man roster with Labetti on the outside looking in. 

Close Defense Depth: Cam Wyers vs Chris Campbell vs Reece Eddy vs Andrew Darby vs Ryan Sharkey

The top four poles for the Archers are pretty clear with close defenders Graeme Hossack, Matt McMahon, and Warren Jeffery alongside LSM Jared Conners. Jon Robbins likely has the backup LSM spot locked down after a stellar rookie season. That leaves Reece Eddy, Cam Wyers, Chris Campbell, and the two newest additions of Andrew Darby and Ryan Sharkey to fight it out for the fifth active spot on game days and what is likely the sixth and final roster spot at the position. Jeffrey will also be missing training camp due to the NLL Championship, potentially leaving an additional open spot for week one. 

Wyers, the big lefty close defender who Bates picked in the fourth round of the 2023 College Draft, would be the most logical player to make the gameday roster with Bates prioritizing him over Campbell (an undrafted rookie) and Eddy coming off a 2022 season where he didn’t play in any games for the club. That would leave Tony Resch’s defense with no right-handed close defenders on the active roster once Jeffrey returns. But Wyers’ status as a draft pick and the potential he has could very well be the edge he needs. 

Among the other players, Eddy has both the most versatility with the ability to play LSM and close and the most experience with 14 appearances in PLL games. But the three undrafted rookies are all intriguing players. Darby in particular is a name to watch as a guy who could provide physicality as a right-handed close defender to complement the team’s slew of big lefties. Whichever way this battle goes, training camp will be competitive for the close defenders. 

Game Day SSDMs: Mark McNeill vs Connor Maher vs Piper Bond 

Tim Edwards being on the Unavailable to Travel List for training camp takes some of the juice out of the battle among the short-stick defensive midfielders. Latrell Harris will be penciled in as a starter, but the three remaining SSDMs will be competing against each other to make the game day roster while also hoping to avoid being cut when Edwards returns. 

McNeil is now 30 with one year remaining on his contract, so the Archers could prioritize youth at the position and roll with the 25 year old Harris (who signed a two-year deal this offseason) and the two rookies on game days. But the experience McNeil has should by no means be counted out especially after Dominique Alexander’s retirement this offseason. 

Between Maher and Bond, Bond is the more technically sound defender with the athleticism and technique to defend a wide variety of offensive players. But Maher provides more playmaking chops with caused turnovers, the transition game, and wing play all strong parts of his game.

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