Lacrosse Game Rules

Redwoods LC Add BJ Farrare and Matt Killkeary to Training Camp Roster


Eli McLaughlin and Ryan Lee are Unavailable 

Players can get placed on the ‘Unavailable to Travel’ list for several reasons. Currently, Eli McLaughlin and Ryan Lee are on it because their National Lacrosse League (NLL) teams are competing for a championship.

Importantly, once a player is tagged as “Unavailable to Travel,” they no longer count against the team’s roster. Which is why the Redwoods could sign Farrare and Kilkeary. 

As the Redwoods gear up for training camp, their current roster includes 3 goalies, 2 LSMs, 6 defensemen, 3 SSDMs, 3 faceoff specialists, 8 midfielders, and 5 attackmen.

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