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Farrell Took the Next Step in 2022


To improve his individual play, Farrell committed more to his offseason training regimen. Whether it be doing strength and speed training at H.E.A.T. Sports LI, private Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training to improve cardio and balance, or weekly technique sessions with guys like fellow PLL faceoff specialist Jerry Ragonese, his commitment to the game is undeniable. 

It is common for PLL teams to dress only one faceoff specialist on gameday, which means one player is taking nearly every draw. Conditioning is something Farrell recognized as a major factor during his lackluster 2021 season. 

“You’ve got to make sure your body’s conditioning is ready to be facing off. You’re using it like a wrestling match, using every muscle in your body, so it can be exhausting. You just gotta keep pushing yourself. Put yourself in those situations while you’re training. When you’re exhausted, still be able to have the right technique.”

It’s safe to say that all of the hard work heading into 2022 Farrell was worth it. By improving his decision making, technique, wing strategy, and his conditioning, he was able to improve his post clamp win percentage by 19 points and his overall win percentage by 11%.

Clamp Win % Win % After Clamp Win Overall Win %
2021 55% 61% 46%
2022 55% 80% 57%

In a sport where every possession matters, the Chrome LC are happy to have Connor Farrell leading the way.

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