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Whipsnakes Lacrosse Club’s Top 3 Draft Needs


With the 2023 PLL Draft rapidly approaching, let’s take a look at the three biggest positions of need for the Whipsnakes LC.

Offensive Midfield

Offensive midfield is the biggest priority for a Whipsnakes team that shot a league-low 26.5% last season. While they signed midfielders Sean Lulley and Luke Frankeny from the player pool, Coach Stagnitta has repeatedly hinted at addressing the position in the draft as well. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest to see Matt Campbell (Villanova) or Thomas McConvey (Virginia) be taken #6 overall by the Whipsnakes.

Long-Stick Midfielder

Michael Ehrhardt is the best long-stick midfielder in the league right now, winning four straight Brodie Merrill Long Stick Midfielder of the Year awards. But it feels like the Whipsnakes could capitalize on a deep defensive class to supplement Ehrhardt. A natural fit would be Maryland’s John Geppert, a converted offensive midfielder with a lot of potential.


While Joe Nardella is on track to return this season, the faceoff position is so valuable that I think the Whipsnakes should take a look at it in the 2nd or 3rd round. Mike Sisselberger (Lehigh), Zach Cole (Saint Joseph’s), Petey LaSalla (Virginia) and James Reily (Georgetown) are the consensus top four prospects.

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