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Film Study: 3 Trade Options to Replace Brendan Nichtern


With Brendan Nichtern moving to the Military Inactive List, we’re taking a look at three trade options to help the Chrome’s attack unit. Through conversations with Chrome LC Head Coach Tim Soudan it is clear to me that he would prefer to keep the players currently on his roster, meaning the likely solution is to trade away a pick. With this year’s draft being defense heavy, it would make sense to trade a pick for a proven offensive player. 

Nichtern provided the attack unit with a shifty presence at X who was as likely to score (1.6 goals/game) as he was to find a teammate for an assist (2.2 assists/game). When looking at potential replacements we’re searching for a righty attackman who can dodge from X, finish when open but able to draw the double and find the open man. All three of these candidates can fit that mold to some degree.

Asher Nolting

One of 6 attackmen currently on the Cannons roster, the 2022 All-Star jumped on the scene during his rookie season but a lot has changed this offseason. His new coach, Brian Holman, made big moves this off-season bringing in veteran attackmen Marcus Holman and Matt Kavanagh. These roster moves make Nolting’s future unclear with more competition for playing time than ever. 

Nolting is similar in skill and role and what he loses in speed he makes up with power. The biggest drawback to his game is that he often tries to do too much, resulting in 31 turnovers compared to 23 points. Nichtern also had turnover issues (33) but he made up for them with 38 points. If he can make the jump in year two, making quicker decisions that lead to less turnovers and more ball movement, he would be a definite asset to the Chrome.

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