Lacrosse Game Rules

“You just have to move on to the next one”: Sean Sconone challenging the hot shooters


The flashy two-pointers and speedy transition goals with the picture perfect finish at the crease may be what catches people’s eyes in the Championship Series, but the goaltending performances in this format might be the most impressive part of it all. 

Sean Sconone leads all goaltenders in the tournament in save percentage with a 53.4% over the course of the three round robin games. While a 53.4% save percentage might not jump off the page, in sixes, it might as well be an 83.4%. To put into perspective how impressive that is, Atlas’s Jack Concannon, another standout goaltender in this tournament, is second in the league with 40%. 

One of the biggest questions a lot of people had coming into the Championship Series was how in the world any goalie would make a save in this format. Between the 13-yard 2-point arc and shorter field, no long poles to help defend, a 30-second shot clock, and just the general increase in the speed of the game, it all seems to be the perfect nightmare for a goalie.

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