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The Biggest Hits of Dominique Alexander’s Career


Dominique Alexander — one of the most dominant defenders of the past decade — has announced his retirement.

The 2019 George Boiardi SSDM Hard Hat Award winner played on some of the best defenses in pro lacrosse. From the Ohio Machine to Archers LC, Alexander’s on-ball dominance and off-ball IQ allowed his teams to play fast and aggressive schemes.

Alexander went pound-for-pound with the most physical dodgers and step-for-step with the shiftiest dodgers. Both the Machine and Archers utilized a “switch everything” scheme. Any pick above GLE — even if it meant putting a short-stick on the opponent’s top attackman — was an automatic switch. That’s where Alexander thrived. There was never a mismatch when he was on-ball.

Here are four of the biggest hits from Alexander’s 10-year career:

4. Extending to midfield

The Machine defense crowded dodgers way beyond conventional comfort zones. This area of the field doesn’t even exist anymore. Those 10 yards are gone! Alexander challenged his man early. He often landed a check that redirected the dodge — and occasionally landed one that flattened the dodger and ended the possession.

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