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Jake Carraway: Firing Away Untucked


Atlas LC is having fun. Jake Carraway is having fun. Sixes is fun.

“This format is like backyard lacrosse,” Carraway remarked. “I like it more than field.”

Can’t say I blame him given the success he and his teammates have had two games in. Back-to-back 29 goal games, shutdown goaltending from both their netminders, and a whoooole lot of two-pointers. 

With a 13-yard two-point arc, everyone knew Atlas would excel in this format. Carraway, Romar Dennis, and Bryan Costabile are all guys who can be deadly if you give them the time and space and that 13-yard arc seems to be the sweet spot for them.

“It definitely feels close,” said Carraway when asked where he considers himself to be in range as a shooter. 

Carraway already has the second most two-pointers in the tournament with five thus far. He cashed in two on four shots Opening Night versus the Whipsnakes, and another three last night shooting 60% against Chrome. The only player ahead of him in two’s? His teammate Romar Dennis of course.

Atlas interim head coach Steve Brooks anticipated the two-point arc being a huge advantage for any team in this tournament, but especially his own. 

“It’s definitely been a point of emphasis,” said Carraway. “Put a camera in the huddle and it’s ‘shoot two’s every three seconds.’”

In his rookie season in 2021, Carraway cashed in two 2-pointers along with 14 goals, shooting 30% on the year. In college, the Georgetown attackman was one of the most lethal shooters in the game. With an absolute rocket of a shot, as a shooter, Carraway is made for sixes.

The Bulls put on a show last night against Chrome headlined by Carraway’s stepback two.

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