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Waterdogs’ Top Targets to Replace Ryan Brown


3. Marcus Holman

No active players have scored more goals than Marcus Holman. He’s the most sought after free agent in this class. With his dad Brian Holman as the new head coach of the Cannons, many are anticipating to see Marcus in the red, white, and blue. But with a spot for grabs on the Redwoods O after the Matt Kavanagh trade, the revolving door on the Whips for a body to consistently play alongside Matt Rambo and Zed Williams, and now an opening on the Waterdogs attack, expect a lot of calls for Holman. 

On the surface, he checks all the boxes the Dogs are looking for as a righty attacker and off-ball shooter. However, he’ll make you regret it if you defend him as only that. There isn’t an area within range that Holman can’t capitalize from. Up top, down the alley, at the crease, it doesn’t matter – he’ll get the job done. Even with defenders draped on him he’s so precise with his shot he doesn’t need all that much space, but he’ll certainly take it if you give it to him. 

We’ve seen teams completely throw out their defensive identities when it comes to defending Holman and his partner in crime Will Manny. Since the two came together on the Archers attack in 2019, we’ve seen defenses face-guard the two of them because it’s the only way they can limit the Bunk Bed Bros. Now imagine defenses trying to game plan to contain Holman, Sowers, and McArdle?

As another veteran presence, Holman could be very beneficial to the continued maturation of Sowers at the professional level. Given Holman’s reputation and the way defenses play him differently, it could create more room for Sowers to dodge. 

Coming from a crowded Archers offense to a very role-oriented Waterdogs O could bring a whole new life to Holman’s game, as well as elevate the Dogs as they look to go back-to-back. 

4. Jay Carlson

One of the best finishers in the game, Jay Carlson’s been given the nickname “Trash Man” because he does just that – he takes out the trash. 

Even in two down years shooting wise for the Whipsnakes, Carlson recorded a 36% shooting percentage in 2022 (10G) and 38% in 2021 (18G). His opponents know if he’s at the doorstep, it’s already too late. And though he’s most known for his “garbage” goals at the crease, really any chance he’s given in the interior is all he needs. With the vision McArdle and Sowers both have as feeders, the three of them on an attack line together could be very frustrating for opposing defenses.

The Whipsnakes still don’t seem to have a set third attackman to play with Rambo and Zed after a season of flip flopping between Carlson and young guys like Jackson Reid and Keegan Khan. He’s proven himself as a consistent contributor, but his inability to dodge has kept him from a full-time role in that lineup. A change of scenery could be the best case scenario for Carlson.

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