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For the first time in its history, Lacrosse represents an aspect of Aboriginal cultures that have been fully acknowledged & embraced by Canadian society.” This essay’s main goal is to describe how lacrosse was adopted from First Nations culture into the modern world.

What’s the point of playing lacrosse?

Lacrosse Sport

Parents and athletes alike are passionate about lacrosse at North Shores Minor Lacrosse. Reasons for this are as follows:


Playing and watching lacrosse are both a blast. Intense action, planning, elegance, and power characterize it. With lengthy, looping passes and quick shots, it’s a sport that requires a wide range of skills unmatched in any sport. To catch an over-the-shoulder pass, to make the top corner, or to stop a low shot through a maze of gamers requires a level of skill that is unmatched in any sport. It’s a fantastic spectator sport because of how open it is and how large the field of play is.


Speed and stamina are the keys to success in lacrosse, so there’s no time to waste. All lacrosse players, including goalies, must keep active because of the game’s fast-paced nature. Physical exercise is an issue for Canadian children, who are not receiving enough of it.

Cardio-vascular capacity, coordination, agility, & strength may all be improved via the sport of lacrosse. Tired children sleep much better, and therefore get a good night’s sleep can run over, be creative and solve issues more effectively.

To learn more about the health advantages of lacrosse, check out the Top 10 Medical Benefits of Lacrosse list. See Participaction’s Benefits and Guidelines: Children & Kids Age 5-17 as well as the Participaction Progress Report On Physical Fitness For Children And Youth for further information on the significance of health for Canadian youth.

Protection of the Players:

Concerns regarding lacrosse player and parent injuries are common in all contact sports. Fun, fair play and a secure playing field are all top priorities of the North Shore Junior Lacrosse Association. Lacrosse in the minors is very different from what you’ve seen on television. Several minor lacrosse offenses might result in a penalty or suspension in the professional league. We approximate that lacrosse gamers have about two-thirds of the injury issues of a soccer player, half of the injury issues of a hockey player, as well as about one-tenth of the injuries of rugby and football player, based on the “per capita” comparison – to number adjusted for the group of players registered in lacrosse than other sports. See the linked reports from the Canadian Hospital Injury Reporting & Prevention Program for additional information on lacrosse as well as other sports injuries (CHIRP).


It is a wonderful method to learn how to work together toward a similar objective by participating in a team sport. The team puts in the time and effort, sweats it out, strategizes, and competes as a unit. It’s also a great method to form lifetime connections when you work together to overcome problems. Other sports like lacrosse provide opportunities to build leadership qualities, social interaction, and a feeling of belonging and team cohesion and also physical skills, friendships, and respect for coaches and officials. Lacrosse is no different.


For hockey, basketball, and soccer, lacrosse provides ideal cross-training because of its emphasis on speed, stamina, teamwork, and sportsmanship. They welcome hockey players from the North Vancouver Minor Hockey (NVMHA), the Western Vancouver Minor Hockey (WVMHA), Hollyburn Country Club (HCC), and the North Shore Winter Club (NSWC) to come to play the quickest game on two feet! Find out why lacrosse is a great sport for hockey players. Basketball players can benefit from lacrosse as well, as shown here.

Scholarships Available:

Playing box lacrosse helps Canadian athletes develop a wide range of skill sets that draw the attention of some of the best institutions in the country. Find out more about the Canadian effect on fields lacrosse in this: Canadians Make a Difference in American College Lacrosse Teams. Alternatively, you may look up “lacrosse scholarships” on the internet.

Other things to bear in mind for parents…

From a parent’s perspective, here are some more benefits:

  • It never rains where we play our box game (unlike hockey or soccer), so it’s always comfortable and dry (unlike baseball).
  • While the boxing season is a perfect complement to winter activities, its duration does not interfere with family vacations.
  • Compared to other sports, lacrosse is a great value.



Lacrosse is a fast-paced, high-octane sport that requires a lot of running and precise moves. Lacrosse is my favorite sport because it brings my friends and me together, keeps me in shape, and motivates me to do well in school.


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